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Wednesday Night 2020 Payouts

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Hello Captains,


Due to continued increase in positive Covid cases and the likelihood of an extension of lockdown over the next two months it is unlikely we will be able to complete this Wednesday session.  After conferring with most of the captains we have made the decision we will payout the session early.  Due to the schedule containing as bye there are teams that have not had the opportunity of completing the same amount of weeks as other teams.  This will make determining the payouts unique to say the least.

Due to issues with re-activating the league software and personal work schedule and being out of town later this week we will be setting a time to payout the teams in about two weeks.  I will be in touch with the captains as to when we can get this done.  I am not ruling out meeting up with captains individually if need as it may be challenging with each of your schedules as well.  We do have two teams that are now playing in an APA Wednesday night league so those I will most likely need to meet up with individually.

In 25 years of running leagues there hasn't been another time in history that has been more challenging than this year.  I thank you all in advance for your patience and understanding.  I look forward to getting together with as many of you together to reconnect and have a soda or cocktail together once again around a pool table.  I myself haven't had much table time and I truly miss the game and my friends.





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